Activities that you can do while at Mara Kimana Camp

Game Drive

The continent where the safari was born, Kenya leads with a unique experience of the migration, one of the wonders of the world. Experience the panoramic views of the African plains in the comfort of a 4x4 safari vehicle with a safari guide that will enlighten you about the beautiful African savannah. You can book Game drives for the morning, afternoon or evening at a cost of $150 or advertised prices at the time. So please let us know your preference. Bookings can also include an experience of breakfasts, lunches or evening sundowners in the bush during the game drives.

The African plains in the Masai Mara host over 95 species of animals. The highlights of the game drive include the Big Five: Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. The other animals include Cheetah, Hyena, Hippo, Giraffe, Topi, Grants gazelle,Thompsons gazelle, Eland, Dik dik, Bush buck, Water buck, Zebra, Wildbeast, Olive Baboon, Syke’s monkey, Vervet monkey and many other small animals like the tree hyrax, bush baby.

Nature walk

The woodland ecosystem around Mara Kimana Camp is perfect environment to take a nature walk. This experience is different from the game drive where you can venture into the wilderness with a Masai Guide. It is a gentle exercise with a view to experience the different flora, fauna, birds, reptiles, animals and insects existing in Kenya.

Visit to a Masai Village.

One of the unique experiences in Kenya is visiting the local Masai village, where the Masai still practice their ancestral culture. The community around Mara Kimana Camp still practices the Masai culture. You can take a walk or drive to their village that is 5 minutes away to visit their unique home, learn about their daily life, enjoy their dances, songs and their bead crafts. The Masai society has a hierarchy and tradition where the women have their own huts and men’s huts are set out according to their age sets, warrior clans, elders and prophets. Their lifestyle is a celebration of the passage of time from life, justice, seasons and wealth (cattle). Experience all this as it mostly remains untouched by the changes the modern society.

Balloon Safari

This safari is a once in a lifetime experience, the magical Balloon safari. An experience of viewing the vast wilderness while floating in the sky. Every flight has a unique experience from the winding rivers to the tree canopies as an observer from the sky like a drone. Float over the savannah in silence with the dot patterns created by the trees, galloping zebras, leaping antelope, and browsing buffalo. The silence allows you to experience a hunt and the playful nature of zebras, antelopes. After which you are welcomed with a luxurious breakfast at the site of landing. The balloon safari usually take off early in the morning, so guests have to book in advance and leave the camp early in preparation of this.